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Platform: Visual Studio and Notepad++ | Time: 3 months | Personal Project


The add-on is built for the sole purpose of assisting DPS rotation of Shaman Class - Enhancement in this instance. 


Having a passion for Blizzard games especially WoW, I decided to develop a mod for the game. Since WoW doesn’t have an open Editor like StarCraft, I decided to write an add-on / mod for the game.

Design Challenge

To design an add-on for all players who wish to pursue damage dealer (DPS - Damage per second) role on a shaman in a dungeon or raid setting. 

Design Goal:

My chief 'design goal' with this project was to create an experience intuitive enough for guests to optimize their damage performance with the help of the add-on’s rotation assistance.

My Process:

I had no experience with LUA and hence I started by buying a few books for LUA and World of warcraft addon creation.

Next I build a few prototypes to facilitate learning, following which with a descent grasp of the language I started studying already existing addons.

Finally I began writing for the addon itself. Currently it is on its 16th iteration. Still a lot of issues in terms of aoe dps and other things arent optimized to the fullest.

Addon - Developed for World of Warcraft