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Platform: Anki Cozmo Robot | Time: 16 weeks |  Roles: Game Designer - Producer


The goal of this ETC project is to use the Cozmo SDK to create new games for Anki's Cozmo robot. The primary focus is to take advantage of Cozmo's capabilities in unique and engaging ways.

Cozmo is a robot with a unique personality. Anki’s target demographic: 

  • 60% kids - ages 8+  ; 40% adults
  • 50% Males - Female ratio


  • Wi-Fi
  • SDK

​Design Goal:

  • Develop engaging games and interactions for Cozmo
  • Explore capabilities and give feedback on the Cozmo SDK
  • Deliver experiences to Anki

Design Pillars: 

  • Fully explore Cozmo’s features within his limitations
  • Play with Cozmo, not as Cozmo
  • Create “cozmoments”
    • Moments of playful, emotional engagement

My Contributions:

I analyzed games for kids and presented ideas to the team. Conducted brainstorm sessions. Reiterated the design process and started it with a prompt based approach where we would explore a prompt and develop an experience based on the prompt for that week. Edited the dialogue tree for the final experience while conducting regular playtests and iterations

Project Cozplay - ANKI (Cozmo Consumer Robot)