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Project Sweet talk - ETC at EA

Project Cozplay - ANKI (Cozmo Consumer Robot)

Platform: HTC Vive, Amazon Echo, Windows Voice, API.AI, Watson Text-Speech | Time: 16 weeks |  Roles: Game Designer - Producer


We are exploring the use of voice interaction in virtual reality. 

Design Goal:

Explore the use of voice interaction in VR to create believable characters through novel and  natural interactions.

Design Pillars: 

  • Voice First
  • Believable AI Character
  • Novel Natural Mechanics 

My Contributions:

Researched games that fall under the 3 design pillars. Analyzed them further presenting ideas to team and client. Designing the experience while trying to avoid branched narratives, but aiming strong NPC cooperation as it leads to a strong player-NPC relationship.

Designed numerous player interactions in the VR space with Voice as the primary input. Researched mobile game systems and implemented progression system akin to the research focusing on rewarding player actions in a high-speed dinner dash game. 

Developed the experience flow with fellow teammates -

  • Player meets a character they don’t know.
  • Player learns how to communicate with that character.
  • They achieve something together they could not do on their own.