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Platform: Oculus Rift + PS Move in Unity 3D | Time: 2 weeks |  Roles: Programmer - Game Designer


Spider Roll is a game that uses Oculus Rift a virtual reality headset combined with Play-station Move controllers ​- a motion-sensing game controller platform by Sony Computer Entertainment developed for Ps3. 


The guest play the parent of a scared child, and try to protect him from the spider in the bathroom. 

Design Challenge

Character A is afraid of B, we should help character A in overcoming the fear.

The fear should be prominent, players should help character A by stopping B.

Design Goal:
Our 'design goal' with this project was to create a fun experience for guests using innovative prop for the Ps-move controller. 

My Contributions:
As  a 'game designer' my job was to fulfill the design challenge set for our team. I took up the responsibility to design in VR environment.

My programming responsibilities included assisting fellow programmer with scripting, using the PS move controller in a prop for rotation based tracking.

This was my first experience working in a team for a rapid prototype on two technologies I had never used. 

Spider Roll - Developed using Oculus Rift and Play-station Move