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Platform: EYE GAZE / TRACKER | Time: 1 weeks |  Roles: Game Designer - Sound Designer

A game we created for the dreaded LIGHTENING ROUND of Building Virtual Worlds Class at the ETC. 


The guest starts out as a new police recruit. His very first assignment is to keep the streets clean and safe. With a senior police officer on inspection duty, the guest need to keep their assigned street clean, safe and crime free.

Design Challenge: 

The prompt of the round was to build a game that was fun to play, in a weeks time.

Building a game with the available mechanics on EYE GAZE was a challenge in the given time. 

Design Goal:
My chief 'design goal' with this project was to create an experience using Eye Gaze that was innovative and fun to play.

My Process:
With the given constraints, we chose to work on the new technology at the ETC - The EYE GAZE.

We as a team laid out the known problems of Eye Gaze and started brainstorming for ideas together.

We started with a storyboard for the game once the idea was fixed - following which I started working on the sound that would help better define the theme and mood for the game.

Rookie Police- Developed using Eye Gaze (Eye Tracker)