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Platform: Makey-makey and LEAP MOTION | Time: 3 weeks |  Roles: Game Designer - Sound Designer -  Prop 

A game we created as the fourth round world of the Building Virtual Worlds Class at the ETC. 

We build the game around two kids who are trying to sneak a horse into a hospital so as to fulfil their dying grandfather’s last wish to see his favorite horse.

Design Challenge: 
To tell a story via the world we design.

Design Goal:
My chief 'design goal' with this project was to create an experience using Makey-Makey and a building a prop. 

My Process:
It was our very first experience with makey-makey and we had to build a descent prop for the game as well. 
Upon deciding what story we were pursuing, we started dividing the tasks. I worked as a game and sound designer and assisted in building the prop. 

A special thanks to one of our faculty ‘Valerie Sofranko’ who guided us in the task of building a horse head as a prop.

HORSPITAL - Developed using Makey-Makey and LEAP MOTION