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Project Ikelos- Sony Playstation (Mobile VR)

One Page Design Document

Platform: Sony Mobile VR + PS4 Controllers | Time: 16 weeks |  Roles: Game Designer


The goal of this ETC project is to use Sony Xperia Z3 phones with VR Headset coupled with PS4 controllers, to explore game mechanics that are unique to VR

Design Goal:

  • Rapidly prototype juicy game mechanics unique to VR
  • Explore mechanics unique to VR with familiarity of simple games
  • Deliver experiences to Playstation
  • Designing and Developing for Mobile VR and the DualShock4 controller

Design Pillars: 

  • Fully explore Cozmo’s features within his limitations
  • Play with Cozmo, not as Cozmo
  • Create “cozmoments”
    • Moments of playful, emotional engagement

My Contributions:

Research existing content, brainstorm and pitch ideas to the client. Write design documents, playtest and iterate.